JVIC was founded as a specialty welding firm in 1998. But we always had the vision of being the preferred turnaround service partner to North America's process industries. We now offer the comprehensive suite of the capabilities required to perform this high priority work to the highest standards of quality, safety and timeliness. Among these are the following:

  • Catalyst Handling

    Delivering turnkey handling of the unloading and loading of all catalyst types and reactors. Catalyst Services has been a Zachry Group company since 2016 (press release).

  • Planning & Scheduling

    Dedicated team of experts who offer turnkey management of the planning and execution of your turnaround.

  • Piping & Specialty Welding

    Long tenured team of specialty crafts people with the state of the art skills across all alloys.

  • Tower Services

    Modification, maintenance and replacement of towers and tower internals, together with all associated process enhancements and reconfigurations.

  • Mechanical & Exchanger Services

    Expertise in bolted connections and process equipment assembly covering bundle extraction/ repair and heat exchangers.

  • Bolt Torqueing & Machining

    Expertise across all types of heavy equipment to deliver the torqueing, extraction, beveling, machining and monitoring of critical bolted components.

  • Fabrication

    More than 600,000 square feet of space capable of delivering customized solutions for any process need.